Recruiting ‘A’ Players Into Your Team

Recruiting ‘A’ Players Into Your Team

Don’t just build a team; build a team of ‘A’ Players!

Established in 2016, Cobalt Search is a specialist recruitment search firm with expertise in providing ‘A’ Player talent to clients across the US, Canada, Middle East and the UK. Whilst we know that we’re one of many in a noisy and competitive marketplace, we firmly believe that our different values, methods and attitude make us stand out from the crowd.

 We support our clients by finding exceptional talent who stay, have impact and deliver significant value. To achieve this we follow a rigorous process that focuses on identifying, attracting and effectively assessing ‘A’ Player talent. Our approach consistently brings together talent and employers who are the optimal cultural, operational, and strategic fit for each other.

 Our mission is to disrupt the recruitment industry by being fundamentally different from other recruitment agencies; being respectful, professional and ethical, working with high levels of integrity and providing feedback at every stage of the process.

We aim to deliver the #ultimaterecruitmentexperience to all of our clients and candidates.


Chief Exec in Construction & award winning pastry chef


Seeing The Value In ‘A’ Player Talent

We partner with entrepreneurial and innovative businesses that are passionate about driving change and fostering diversity in their leadership teams and across their businesses. Our clients truly see the value an ‘A’ Player will bring to their organisation and we have a remarkable track record for continuously presenting high-calibre shortlists that align with their vision. 

Our clients are often referred to us because they can’t find ‘A’ Players and are wasting their time interviewing people that are not right. By starting all of our searches from scratch, our clients have confidence that no two searches are the same, and that all they have to do is choose the best ‘A’ Players from the amazing shortlist that we submit.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our clients say about us

Thomas Martini

President & CEO – Lorval Capital Management

I am delighted to provide this glowing testimonial for Cobalt, an exceptional search firm that has been instrumental in shaping the success of our group of companies. As the President & CEO, I have had the privilege of witnessing Helen and her team work their magic, placing 9 key roles across a diverse array of high-level professions within our organisation.

Cobalt’s commitment to understanding the intricacies of our company culture and core values is truly commendable. Time and again, they have shown a remarkable level of insight in assessing candidates beyond their resumes, delving into their personalities, work ethics, and potential for long-term success within our organisation. This emphasis on cultural fit has made all the difference, as it has fostered a sense of unity and cohesiveness among our teams, leading to improved collaboration and overall performance.

Cobalt has been our reliable partner throughout the entire recruitment process, from initial candidate sourcing to final onboarding. Their thoroughness, professionalism, and exceptional communication skills have made the entire hiring process seamless and efficient. They have consistently maintained clear and open lines of communication, keeping us informed every step of the way, which has allowed us to make well-informed decisions quickly.

I enthusiastically recommend Helen and her team to any organisation seeking a dedicated and highly effective recruitment partner.

David Scorey

Chief Executive Officer – Keolis North America

Cobalt presented several highly credible and suitable candidates, all of whom would have been a great fit with the role and our organisation. It was a challenge to settle on our eventual appointee because of the exceptional quality of the field, but, once we had made our choice, Cobalt provided excellent support to both ourselves and the candidate through the appointment process. I’m very pleased with the outcome of this process.

Tim Dupre

President & CEO – PBS Contractors

I have worked with a few recruiting firms over my career, and they were okay. Helen and her team at Cobalt Search take recruiting to another level, the quality of candidates she brought to us were all fantastic. Helen told me she would make it the hardest decision I would ever have to make as they would be so great, I would want to hire them all. She delivered on her word, I will use Helen and the team at Cobalt Search for all my future recruiting needs.

We go deeper, look harder, search smarter and deliver ‘A’ Players.

 It’s not enough to find someone ‘good enough’, we only progress the people that we feel are brilliant (awesome)! We gain an authentic insight into what makes the perfect cultural, operational and strategic fit for every client, and match candidates effectively to these needs. We do this so well that our clients often create additional roles in their business so they can hire more than one person from a shortlist.

That’s why they keep coming back to us, and keep on referring us.


The Cobalt team has spent many years building long-term partnerships with businesses across multiple sectors in the US, Canada, Middle East and the UK. These relationships thrive because we consistently deliver ‘A’ Player candidates that have a significant positive impact on their business.

Our clients range from 5 person teams, right up to global organisations that employ 65,000 + people. The common theme amongst them all is that they are looking for ‘A’ Player talent.

Seeing The Value In ‘A’ Player Talent

An ‘A’ Player is someone who excels at their current job and is always hungry to learn and do more. 

They are highly intelligent self-starters, never make excuses, and always find a way to get the job done on time and to a very high standard. 

They never quit. When they make mistakes, they might kick themselves briefly, but mostly they learn and don’t make the same mistake ever again.

‘A’ Players are the ones who can see the flaws in the business. But most importantly, they proactively seek ways to fix them and improve them. And they don’t just talk about and strategise those improvements, they go ahead and make them happen. 

You can be an ‘A’ Player right out of school, or as a veteran engineer, VP or Chief. It’s not a question of years of experience or current knowledge — it’s a question of attitude and focus.

Some of the clues to look out for that will help you spot an ‘A’ Player include:


‘A’ Players love to compete. It’s in their blood. They put themselves on the line and take responsibility for their performance. Not everyone has this desire to compete; in fact, some people prefer working for companies that have already won.

A champion’s mindset

A champion’s mindset includes the belief that winning is inevitable, not a remote possibility. This speaks to a level of mental toughness and passion about a business. Those who can internalise a company’s mission and goals are more likely to make valuable contributions to the business.


Because they are self-starters, ‘A’ Players are able to motivate themselves and know how to focus, prioritise and re-prioritise as needed. They have self-discipline and will show absolute confidence in their ability to endure failure, recover from it, and persevere


This should go without saying. One shouldn’t pursue to win at all costs. If you lack integrity, there is a cost to winning. How you treat the customers who use your product or service, how you collaborate with others, and how you choose to follow through on your word can make you or break you in the long run.


They have an innate ability to see what’s coming, they have a sense of urgency to move quickly, procrastination is not an option and they will act and make impactful stuff happen.


Do you need new leadership talent in your team?

Our Executive Search service is at the heart of our business, and reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional leadership talent to drive our clients businesses forward. We offer a unique approach that focuses on identifying, attracting and rigorously assessing ‘A’ Player leadership talent, to fill Chief, VP, and Director level roles.

Are you scaling up and require an ongoing pipeline of talent?

We recognise that scaling businesses face unique challenges when it comes to talent acquisition. Our Scale Up services have been meticulously crafted to support these dynamic organisations in achieving their growth objectives. We specialise in designing and executing recruitment solutions that establish an ongoing pipeline of exceptional ‘A’ Players so that our clients can hire the best talent again and again and again.

Helen Goddard

Founder & CEO – Cobalt Search

To select the best leadership talent for your business you should be given a choice. Too often agencies will stop at ‘good enough’, but ‘good enough’ is not ‘good enough’ for us or for you. We invest the time and energy and use high levels of emotional intelligence and expert interviewing skills to provide our clients with a shortlist that is chock full of the very best talent. Our clients often want to hire more than one person from our shortlists.

Whether you’re here out of curiosity or are actively seeking guidance, I’m excited to share our expertise and help you navigate the specialist world of executive search. If you need ‘A’ Players in your leadership team, you’ve come to the right place.


Resumes will never tell you the full story. At Cobalt we use real people, not algorithms, to interact and assess each person as an individual and identify potential and capability. But we don’t stop there; we are also looking for a great match to our client’s culture and chemistry – that ‘click’ is so important. We use innate people skills along with years and years of interviewing and assessment experience to match effectively, resulting in candidates that stay, have impact and deliver significant value.

Find an algorithm that can do that! 

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