Recruiting 'A' Players Into Your Team



Recruiting 'A' Players Into Your Team


Every scaling business poised for growth experiences similar challenges when it comes to recruitment. It’s not easy to align your business growth needs with a recruitment strategy that can manage the high volumes needed to deliver the A-Player quality you want and deserve. You need a solution that ‘s agile and precise enough to deliver the right talent time and time again. 

Enter Cobalt Scale Up. A dedicated service created by experts for businesses on an upward trajectory. We understand the intricacies of rapid expansion go beyond just filling roles. You don’t just need people in your business, you need the right people, the best people – ‘A’ Players that will drive your business forward. With Cobalt Scale Up, you gain a partner equipped with the expertise and resources to ensure your growth is fueled by exceptional talent at every level. Discover the Cobalt difference in scaling up your recruitment.

One of the biggest challenges we see within scaling businesses, is not having the right processes or enough resources within their existing HR and Recruitment teams to be able to deliver the volume of quality candidates required, that will enable them to deliver ‘A’ Player talent over and over again.


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To give an example of volumes, it’s not unusual for us to review over 3000 candidates before selecting around 500 who look right on paper. From there we might only progress 100 to written assessment, 50 to video interview and 5 to shortlist. 

It’s an immense task.

Our Proven Process

Process is everything and it’s the difference when it comes to finding, attracting, hiring and retaining ‘A’ Player talent. That’s why we follow a 7-step process to ensure success, every time!

We commence with a comprehensive analysis to map your needs and align to your goals and objectives, delving into the DNA of your business – from the role’s core technical requirements, to the chemistry and culture that fuels your company. This is where the magic begins.

Armed with these insights, we shape a highly persuasive set of messaging and promotional collateral that will resonate with your perfect candidates, and create a tailored assessment strategy that will ensure effective screening and identification of ‘A’ Players.

  1. We conduct an exhaustive search of both passive and active candidates across all channels including mapping your competitor landscape and considering parallel industries. No stone will be left unturned in our quest to unearth the extraordinary ‘A’ Players that you need. 

We implement your bespoke assessment solution to evaluate not just qualifications and experience, but the personalities that will be compatible with your company values and culture and will thrive and have impact in driving your business forward. 

Now we share the magic. We introduce you to your high-calibre ‘A’ Players, sharing not just a resume but also our detailed interview and assessment feedback and the reasons why we think they’re a great match.

We are with you every step of the way. We will schedule all interviews, make sure the candidates are fully prepared and deliver your feedback. All you need to do is conduct the interviews.

Once you have chosen your ‘A’ Player(s), our support continues. We will be there by your side, ensuring a smooth trajectory through the offer, negotiation and resignation process; supporting their 30-60-90 day onboarding; and making ongoing regular check-ins to ensure your hire is a success.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our clients say about us

James Mayer

COO – Kokua Education

Cobalt enabled me to transform Kokua’s leadership team with no negative impact to customers, business operations, or the team. In fact, their candidates quickly integrated at Kokua and delivered positive change. Our internal teams quickly understood why change was made as we worked to upgrade talent. I can only recommend Cobalt if you want to add A players to your team.

What impressed me about Cobalt is the candidates they recommend we interview are well-vetted, high-quality professionals who, without exception, would improve the current team.  What’s nice is that they made it difficult for us to choose. We created a new role for one of their candidates because we simply had to have them on our team.

Over a 4-month period, we hired 4 senior leaders through Cobalt which is a key part of how we will scale Kokua over the next 2-3 years. Prior to working with Cobalt, we were unsuccessful in adding A players to the leadership team over a 12-month period. We tried to manage recruitment internally and we engaged other search firms, but we had no success. It felt too difficult and too time-consuming. I worked with what I had and tried to develop the team.

Cobalt listens closely to your needs as the target role is defined and they provide clear feedback and recommendations as they engage the market. I like the weekly recruitment updates they provide, and their team is proactive and positive as they engage the market, learn, and make recommendations. I got to a point where I simply trusted their recommendations. I also like that Cobalt remains focused on how the candidates perform once recruited. They engage with you about 30-60-90 day plans and they follow up with surveys.

Cobalt’s approach removes a huge part of the recruitment process where we struggled in the past. Cobalt makes you think about what you really need and then consistently provides A players for you to interview. You do not need to review applications, you do not need to conduct phone screens, you do not need to perform competency-based interviews. All of that is done before you interview the handful of candidates who are genuine A players. You just need to choose.

Cobalt has been a great partner to me and Kokua and I’m delighted to provide this recommendation.

A Scale UP Case Study

We specialise in supporting businesses that are scaling in the US, Canada, Middle East and the UK.

With over 50 years combined experience of recruitment in these markets, we have designed, built and perfected our methods to deliver the best ‘A’ Player talent efficiently, cost-effectively and consistently.

As an example of where we have successfully helped a business to scale up, we worked with a Management Consultancy who needed to deliver a large project in the Middle East, requiring a team of 50 mid-level professionals over the course of 12 months.

We designed and delivered the entire recruitment process, from initiating an omnichannel candidate attraction campaign to creating bespoke collateral to showcase our client to interested candidates. We created and conducted rigorous assessments including written tests and structured competency-based interviews to assess technical skills, capability, motivation, resilience, tenacity and cultural alignment.

In order to deliver the number of hires required, our team assessed over 3000 candidates and conducted over 1000 video interviews over the course of 12 months, to deliver weekly shortlists of highly qualified candidates to our client. We managed the coordination of final interviews with our client team, delivered all feedback to candidates, and managed the entire offer and negotiation process – resulting in our client being able to build the team they needed to successfully deliver their project.

Our Commitments.
Your Guarantee

If we don’t provide a suitable shortlist for your role, we offer a full refund of the retained fee.

For candidates who don’t meet their agreed 30-60-90-Day objectives and fail to pass their probation period, we offer a free replacement shortlist.

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