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Why We Started: Helen’s Drive

Over 27 years, Helen has built a fantastic reputation in recruitment. Yet, despite her personal commitment to excellence, she has often felt the industry was letting its clients and candidates down.

Helen has a love for working with people, but it’s hard to be on the other end of a call when the people you want to support have a different perception of you. "When I'd mention I'm a recruiter, there was often a dismissive response." The frequent critique that "recruitment companies charge a lot for little work" struck a chord. It became clear; there was a need for a service that genuinely looked after both clients and candidates.

With Cobalt, Helen's vision was to prove that recruitment could be more than just transactional, but instead, a thoughtful and professional service where every interaction mattered. She wanted people to feel respected, valued and listened to.

How It’s Going: Cobalt’s Growth

This ethos struck a chord. Referrals started pouring in, repeat business became the norm, and our team began to grow rapidly. Among these additions to the team was Denise Pike. Denise shares exactly the same values and passion for supporting people, and as our Managing Director, has been pivotal in making this more than an ethos, but a Cobalt culture. With Denise also heading up our ‘Scale Up’ service, we’ve successfully partnered with high-growth organisations, ensuring they have the right talent to match their ambitions. As our team continues to grow, our approach remains straightforward: match dynamic organisations with exceptional ‘A’ Player talent and watch them flourish.

Where We’re Headed: Our Future Goals

Looking ahead, we’re setting our sights high. Our goal for the next five years is to become a globally recognised source for ‘A’ Player talent. We’re not just talking numbers; we’re committed to quality. We aim to impact over 250 organisations positively by introducing them to leaders who can genuinely drive growth and change. Every successful placement is a step closer to that goal, ensuring companies get the leadership they need to succeed and our clients can either step up, step away or sell.

Our journey is marked by genuine passion, a lot of hard work, and a commitment to making recruitment a rewarding experience for all involved. Your trust in us fuels our ambition and we’re excited to have you in our future.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our clients say about us

Aline Frantzen

CEO Keolis North America

Cobalt has been extremely effective at delivering a critical pool of diverse candidates, adding a huge amount of value to Keolis in North America and to our culture. 

Cobalt finds us unicorns!’


Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Safety and Organization – Keolis North America

We found the maturity and capability of Cobalt to be materially different from our experience of using other suppliers.

Ilyssa DeCasperis

Chief People Officer at Metrolink

Cobalt worked hand in hand with us every step of the way for an Executive hire. Constant and consistent communication, excellent documentation, and most importantly, a personal touch. I felt like we were Helen’s “only client” and not being run through the mill. I highly recommend Cobalt and, if I’m being totally honest, I have an incredibly high bar to make me happy. I don’t need warm bodies, I need quality leadership. I’m happy to provide this recommendation and am happy to speak with any employer to provide a direct recommendation and discuss my experience.

Our Values In Action

Our values are a big part of the key to our success. With a reputation for high retention rates for candidates placed, we don’t leave anything to chance. We live and breathe our values every day, because placing ‘A’ Player talent into your team requires us to do so.


Trust and integrity are the foundations of everything we do.

Our clients trust us to deliver the very best, and we take that responsibility seriously. To build and maintain this trust, we prioritise integrity and accountability in all our actions and decisions.


We work harder, look further, and get results faster.

We do what we say we are going to do, and we do it well. We persevere in our relentless pursuit of excellence, and we won’t give up, always going the extra mile to identify and secure ‘A’ Player talent who will drive our clients’ businesses forward.


We listen, we hear and we make sure we understand.

We go above and beyond to truly understand our clients’ business and culture, immersing ourselves in their organisation to gain deeper insights. We believe that by truly listening and hearing our clients’ and candidates’ unique needs, we can match effectively and achieve brilliant results, every time.


We are committed to doing things the right way.

We champion diversity, equity and inclusion and foster ethical recruitment practices by acting with honesty, transparency, and fairness. We take responsibility for our actions, promote environmental sustainability, and strive to stand not only for excellence but also for unwavering ethical principles in all that we do.


We care about all people.

People are at the centre of everything we do; everyone is treated with respect and as an individual and we value their needs, perspectives, and contributions. We are fundamentally different because we give our candidates and clients the best chance of finding a successful match by supporting them every step of the way.


Everything we do is individual to you.

We tailor our searches and assessments to align flawlessly with the unique requirements of each role and client, recognizing that no two searches are the same. By tailoring our approach we are able to consistently bringing together senior talent and employers who are the optimal cultural, operational, and strategic fit for each other


CFO in manufacturing and a paddle board enthusiast


Ariel Steele

President – Tax Credit Connection Inc.

Helen and the Cobalt team found us the perfect business relationship manager.  First, they took the time to really get to know our company, our culture and my style.  Then they asked me a series of questions to really understand what I was looking for in the position.  They took the time up front to ensure that they would bring me candidates that were a great fit for the position.  Then when I was interviewing candidates, the candidates told me things they learned from Cobalt and I was so impressed that they were able to accurately describe our company and what we needed.  That isn’t easy, especially since our industry is very niche and not many people do what we do.  I would highly recommend Cobalt if you are looking to find an excellent candidate and want the white glove service that Cobalt provides.

Meet the Team

Introducing the team behind Cobalt Search

Helen Goddard

Founder & CEO

Helen Goddard has spent 27 years in recruitment and founded Cobalt Search in 2016. Her experience spans agency, outsourced services and fully in-house roles, from graduate recruitment up to executive search, across a huge variety of sectors including transportation, manufacturing, construction, consulting, education, healthcare, media and financial services (to name but a few!). 

Helen is passionate about DE&I, professionalism in recruitment, and doing what you say you will do. She feels strongly about delivering a world-class service at all times to all people and founded Cobalt Search to deliver this level of service, which we call the #ultimaterecruitmentexperience

Helen is fair, unbiased and ethical. Her exceptional active listening and analytical skills have enabled her to understand people, businesses and to expertly assess fit. Her expertise in creative candidate sourcing using multiple tools and databases and her network of over 23,000 LinkedIn connections coupled with her tenacity and hard-working nature means she gets results. In another life perhaps she would have been a great matchmaker!

Outside work Helen lives with her partner, two teenage daughters and 4 cats. She is one of the founder members of a large Gospel Choir, raising money for the local community, and enjoys travelling to new places. Travel is often aligned to where Cobalt’s clients are located, so she is currently proactively seeking new clients in the Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, Fiji, Bora Bora and Costa Rica!

Denise Pike

Managing Director

Denise is the Managing Director at Cobalt Search and brings over 13 years of hands-on experience in both agency and in-house roles across a diverse range of sectors.

Denise’s passion lies in problem-solving for our clients and uniting our team to ensure we consistently deliver exceptional talent, fuelling our clients’ growth ambitions. Her commitment to implementing efficient solutions streamlines our operations, further enhancing our ability to exceed client expectations.

Beyond the world of recruitment, Denise is a proud mother of two children and enjoys sharing adventurous experiences with them. Denise also has a love for travel, taking every opportunity to explore new places, meet new people, and immerse herself in different cultures. Denise is equally passionate about personal well-being and self-improvement. In recent years, she’s taken on the challenge of embracing fitness, hitting the gym and taking up running. She’s conquered two half marathons and has her sights set on more exciting physical feats in the future.

Edward Vaughan-Fowler

Head of Business Development

Ed Joined Cobalt in 2023 to head up our business development team. He has spent the last decade working across a range of senior mandates for both institutional and boutique clients in the real estate, construction, and financial services space.

Ed helps the firm pitch for, win and fill, predominantly US focused roles for our ever-growing client base. He has a passion for people and forging strong connections, turning handshakes into partnerships, and sprinkling a touch of charm on client relations in the ever-exciting world of recruitment!

In his spare time Ed is a classic car enthusiast and is currently working on converting a Japanese import people carrier into a campervan. His love for fly fishing takes him on exciting adventures to the outdoors while seeking the perfect catch. He can also be found on countryside walks engaging in heartfelt conversations with his beloved dog.

Sarah Watts

Operations & Client
Excellence Manager

Sarah is our Account Director. With a keen eye for detail, she ensures the smooth operation of all our processes behind the scenes while expertly managing client accounts. Sarah’s journey to this role has been diverse. Having previously served as a police officer and with a background in customer services, she possesses a unique blend of communication skills and a knack for thorough interviewing. She loves things to work efficiently and uses her passion for technology to make life easier for our entire team.

Sarah thrives on the diversity her role offers – there’s scarcely a moment when she isn’t engrossed in a task. Witnessing the positive results she brings forth, whether it’s discovering an exceptional candidate, successfully filling a demanding position, or executing an effective process enhancement, is what truly drives her passion.

A keen gamer and fan of complicated music, Sarah has a plethora of hobbies that keep her busy. If she’s not in the garden growing vegetables to rustle up something tasty, she’s planning another adventure that is likely to involve culinary delights and the odd steam train or two!

Rebecca Greenhill

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Rebecca is the Executive Assistant to Helen Goddard, partnering with and supporting our CEO both administratively and strategically, freeing Helen up to fully focus on delivering the #ultimaterecruitmentexperience to our clients and candidates. A master at juggling multiple tasks and priorities, Rebecca is the glue that keeps our CEO on track and organised!

Having a decade’s experience working as a Personal and Executive Assistant to the C-Suite, Rebecca has worked across multiple sectors, including the Arts, Marketing, and Financial Services. She particularly loves working with entrepreneurs, helping them to build exciting and dynamic businesses that are focused on providing the best for staff, clients, and the wider community. 

With a degree in Dance Performance and Teaching, outside of work Rebecca loves anything creative, having been awarded her NODA 10-year Long Service for both performing on stage in a number of musicals, and time spent serving on Committee. Rebecca always likes to be busy so packs her spare time full of visiting new places and fun activities with her family.

Stephanie Beukes

Marketing Executive

As our Marketing Executive, Stephanie brings a touch of creativity, innovation, and a dash of adventure to our brand. She is responsible for our captivating social media presence, the strategist behind our marketing campaigns, and the artistic soul responsible for our content and design work. She is passionate about bringing our brand to life and creating interesting, useful and thought-provoking content for our online audience.

Outside of work Stephanie is a busy mom of 2 young, lively boys who keep her on her toes and you can usually find her cheering around the sports fields at weekends! Stephanie thrives on adventure and the great outdoors and is an avid kayaker and nature lover. She also loves travelling to new places and experiencing different cultures and cuisines.

Steve Broadley

Research Team Leader

As a former police officer, Steve’s varied background gives him a strong understanding of how people and business work, and he spends his time in detective mode, searching for the highest quality candidates who aren’t typically looking for a new role on the open market. It’s a tricky and time consuming role, identifying a match in terms of capability and potential from a written profile alone, but Steve loves it. “Time flies and I get a huge sense of satisfaction when someone I’ve uncovered accepts one of our clients’ roles.”

Steve is sports mad, in his youth playing football, rugby, badminton, tennis for the county, and latterly weight training (he can bench 100kg). He spent a number of years as a qualified Personal Trainer and held the coveted position of highest performing PT in a nationwide gym group. Steve also holds the unenviable position of resident chef! As a regular Quiz Master, his ability to spout unknown facts is amazing!

Connor Gates

Talent Aquisition Coordinator

Connor is our Talent Acquisition Coordinator and wizard behind the scenes! With a background in administration and coordination, Connor ensures that our ship sails smoothly and in the right direction. Connor is the master of juggling multiple responsibilities and staying on top of it all and is in charge of coordinating all client and candidate activities, ensuring that everything runs according to plan.

Throughout his career Connor has ventured into a number of different industries. Yet, it’s the world of recruitment that truly ignites his passion. For him, the variety of opportunities and the fascinating individuals he meets from all corners of the globe, is what makes his job so fulfilling.

Beyond the office walls, Connor enjoys countryside walks, cooking and trying new dishes and going on adventures with his family.

Annabel Hudson

Trainee Headhunter

As the Trainee Headhunter Annabel is keen to learn and get involved with every stage of the headhunting process. Coming from a varied background, Annabel brings her ability to get stuck in and a passion for learning and developing her own skills. Her inquisitive nature and creative approach to problem solving makes her well suited to tracking down just the perfect ‘A’ Players for our clients. 

Annabel has worked in many roles including retail and supporting students and families with their education globally and in the UK, but it is her passion for building relationships that is the common thread in her work. She uses her keen listening skills and analytical mindset to pinpoint exactly what someone needs to be best supported.

Family is a big part of Annabel’s life and she enjoys spending time with her siblings or playing with her dog. She is working on a Psychology degree with the Open University to further develop her understanding of what makes people tick. She is also always tinkering away on a new art project, whether it be lino printing, painting, making jewellery or turning classic paintings into nail art, her creativity knows no bounds!

Our Approach to Diversity

Our recruitment strategy actively seeks out, recognises, and values differences. We believe that by drawing from a diverse talent pool, businesses can truly innovate and most importantly, create an inclusive environment where all voices are heard, respected, and valued

Diversity isn’t just a corporate statement. It’s deeply embedded in our DNA, and we ensure that every effort is made to remove unconscious bias from our decision-making.


Our sourcing strategies are designed to tap into diverse talent networks. By doing so, we deliver a richer candidate pool that truly represents the vast array of talent out there.


We passionately believe that diversity is more than just a trend; and that multiple perspectives breed creativity and innovation. A diverse team is more likely to understand and cater to the varied needs of a global customer and team base. Diverse teams make better decisions 87% of the time – a statistic we can’t ignore.

The Importance of Diversity

Diversity is more than just a trend; it’s a business imperative. Diverse teams lead to:


Multiple perspectives breed creativity and innovation.


A diverse team is more likely to understand and cater to the varied needs of a global customer and team base.

Improved Decision Making

Diverse teams make better decisions 87% of the time – a statistic we can’t ignore.


At Cobalt, we’re not just filling roles; we’re shaping the future of businesses.

We believe strength lies in differences, not similarities.

Leading By Example

At Cobalt, we’re not only committed to championing diversity in our recruitment practices but also in leading by example. We’re immensely proud to be certified members of WEConnect International, an accolade that recognises our status as a women-owned business.

Aligning with WEConnect International’s mission, we believe in the power and potential of women entrepreneurs to drive exponential economic growth globally.

This membership is not just a testament to our leadership but is a reflection of our dedication to fostering diversity, inclusion, and equality in business. We stand united with a global network of women-led enterprises, amplifying our commitment to change and progress.

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